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More events crew London 

Events Crew London:
Private Bah mitzvah London

  • Location: The Berkley Hotel

  • Event: Private Bah mitzvah

  • Address: The Berkley Hotel, Wilton Place, London, SW1X 7RL

  • Service: Loading/Offloading vehicles, Building stages and level platforms, Building LED wall, Building bar, setting up of furniture and dining tables.

  • Date: October 2021 

Events Crew London:
Gay Times Awards Ceremony, London

  • Location: Magazine London

  • Event: Gay Times Awards Ceremony

  • Address: Magazine London, 11 Ordnance Crescent, London, SE10 0JH

  • Services: Loading/Offloading Vehicles, creating seating areas, Draping, Creating ‘Green Rooms’ (Artists back stage rooms). Erecting temporary walls/set. General assistance to the production team.

  • Date: November 2021

Events Crew London: 
Maxwell Fine/Freemantle

  • Location: Hackney Studios, London

  • Event: Maxwell Fine/Freemantle

  • Address: Hackney Studios, 25 - 27 Hackney rd, London, E2 8DD

  • Services: Loading in set and props for a fashion shoot. Preparing the venue and assisting with drag and load out.

  • Date: November 2020

Events Crew London:
Oval Space/GBBB

  • Location: Oval Space London

  • Event: Oval Space/GBBB

  • Address: Oval Space, 29 - 32 the Oval, London, E2 9DT

  • Services: Hanging of banners and decor for event, running power, building stage and bar.

  • Date: August 2021

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