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Wingman Crew has a large range of skilled crew who are experts in what they do, ready to support you on your upcoming events. All plant and machinery operators have up to date licences and comply with current H&S regulations to ensure the safety of everyone onsite.

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Chippies / Set builders

Chippies play an essential role in the event industry as set builders and collaborate closely with event planners to create an immersive environment.

Our chippies are experienced with woodwork and work with various materials and construction techniques that will ensure the stability and safety of the sets including stages, props, backdrops and scenic flats.


Cherry Pickers & Scissor Lifts Operators (IPAF)

Should your event require working at height, we can provide certified IPAF operators to conduct various aerial operations allowing them to safely and confidently work at elevation.


Their specialised training and experience will ensure your event runs smoothly during the setup of lighting and rigging installations and dismantling event structures.

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Forklift operators

When you find yourself up against a heavy load whether it’s loading or offloading trucks, moving items around the yard, setting up stages or rearranging event spaces, our operators will be the perfect candidates to get the job done. They will help streamline the set up and breakdown processes, ensuring efficient handling of heavy items.


Telehandler operators

Our telehandler operators make light work of a heavy job whilst on uneven terrain, perfect for festivals and outdoor locations. Their versatility and lifting abilities will contribute to the loading and offloading of trucks along with the set up and dismantling of stages, lighting and other equipment.

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Our PASMA certified crew have the relevant training, experience and certification to safely and securely build scaffold towers allowing you to gain access to those out of reach locations.

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Copy of Metal-floor-ps-edit-4-gradient-4.jpg

Sound, Lighting & AV Techs

Sound, Lighting and AV are all integral parts of the numerous events we work on each year. However, all that kit is worthless if there is no one able to operate it. We have a number of experienced technicians on our books who would be happy to help bring your event to life with their skills in operating sound desks, lighting consoles and AV kit such as projectors and video switchers. Because as we all know, the show must go on.

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