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Our standard crew are not only dedicated and hardworking individuals, but they are also passionate about what they do.  They are the people who will be off loading the trucks, assembling the props, hanging the lights and building the stages so that artists can showcase their talents to the world. They are an integral part in the seamless execution of any event. On larger teams, a Crew Chief will be appointed to direct and co-ordinate the crew on site ensuring all tasks are completed successfully and to the highest standard.

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Our standard crew work closely with production teams, site and venue managers to assist with daily tasks including but not limited to:

  • loading/offloading vehicles

  • getting equipment in and out of venues

  • assembling trussing, staging and AV equipment

  • setting up props, creating seating areas for guests, working with pipe and drape, kitting out green rooms

  • providing general warehouse assistance

  • assembling and installing temporary fencing

  • stage hands


You name it, we got it covered.

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